About Us

Hello, and welcome to Desert Trail Turquoise & Gems...we're glad you're here.

We're Adi & Barbara Pohan, and we have always loved the intrigue of precious and semi-precious gemstones in jewelry, and the beauty they bring to the wearer. In 2000 I purchased three strands of unstrung beads at a jewelry show.  Wanting to get them permanently strung, I took them to a local bead shop.  The owner told me that I could string them myself, and she sat me down right there and showed me how to do it.  I was hooked. 

When we moved to Arizona in 2007, a friend who managed a gift shop encouraged me to make jewelry for her store. She was looking for handmade jewelry consisting of natural gemstones that was well-made, well-priced and reflected the natural desert landscape. It was a success, and that's when Desert Trail Turquoise & Gems, LLC was created.  Since then, over twelve Arizona stores, gift shops, and national parks showcase our products, selling to locals and to visitors from around the world.  

Our mission:

We strive to create quality jewelry pieces that are attractive, affordable, and that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come.  We delight in talking with you, our customers, getting to know you, and helping to educate you about gemstones, especially turquoise, and the different local mines many of our gemstones come from.

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This is us at one of our favorite artist communities: Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona

This is us at one of our favorite places, Tlaquepaque, Sedona